Vice News Releases ’15 Years of the Nike SB Dunk’ /March 15, 2017

The Nike Dunk celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2015. The, iconic sneaker, was a staple in culture since its inception, in 1998 then translated to the sport of Skateboarding. 15 years ago the Nike SB Dunk was introduced and developed a cult following, this resulted in the shoe being worn and collected, by skaters and sneaker heads alike.
A local 757 skater, Trea, (aka Steezy) gives us some insight on his introduction to the Nike SB Dunk:

"I never had a first pair of dunks. I got three pairs from a collector in Seattle where my cousin lived all at once. Vacuum sealed. I was a senior in high school so like 17/18 I liked shoes a lot but never had genuinely expensive shoes or collector shoes everyone thought was cool. Just rare skate shoes that I personally cherished along with the skate company. (For example the Emerica Don Juan Pimp Green Bishop collaboration)...anyways i been skating since I was like 9 years old never had bread to support my skate stuff and family won't with it so end of middle school beginning of high school so I "bartered". Also battled with using it. Anyways I stacked up what I didn't use and traded through the mail to my cousin (about 700$ worth of stuff) and he 700$ cash for De La Soul highs ($350), Dinosaur jr. ($250) and what the dunks ($1,200) mind you these are 2009/2008 prices for both products and shoes. Got a pretty good deal I'd say. Basically 700$ for 1,800$ worth of shoes. And that's my Nike SB dunks story"

Vice News has released a 20 minute ’15 Years of the Nike SB Dunk’ depicts the 15 year history of the shoe. Check out this 20 minute clip with plenty of content on skaters and their "Dunk" story. In the clip you will see the international impact the shoe had on different parallels(skateboarding, art, etc). Shout out to Nike and Vice for the project enjoy.